Threaded Rod Cutter TRC02 Topmaster

Art. №: 370518

The Threaded Rod Cutter Topmaster is toolsteel produced, equipped with replaceable jaws with possibility to cut studs with sizes between M8 and M10

  • The tool is forged, hardened and the cutting jaws are further hardened for strength increment. 
  • It provides a clean cut - without burrs and protects the thread of the stud.  
  • The Cutter handles must be fully open to the maximum for proper function.  
  • When fully open, place the stud in the cutoff hole of the appropriate size so that the thread of the stud matches with the thread of the jaw.  
  • The cutter productivity and precision are remarkable, they allow to cut nearly 400 studs within two hours with the exactitude of the cut, which even can’t be achieve with the most commonly used cutting method -with angle ginders.  

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